Kitchen Tiles

Choosing your kitchen tiles is an important choice as this is the room in your house that is likely to have most traffic

Tips when choosing Kitchen Tiles

Non slip vs traditional tiles. We are always asked this question. A lot of people choose the non slip tile as it offers more grip in a area where water can be spilt and the kitchen tends to be a active room in the house at dinner time. This decision is completely up to the customer. There are plenty of non slip tiles that add a classic rustic look to your kitchen. While the polished porcelain look can transform your kitchen into a beautiful classy room.

Kitchen Backsplash

This area is often overlooked but the kitchen backsplash is actually the first place your visitors look when they enter your kitchen. Again there are so many variations and patterns. It is important to have a consistent look throughout the kitchen so do your best to match the kitchen floor tiles with the backsplash.

Kitchen Taps and Accessories
We always feel if you are going to retile and change the appearance it is important to style the kitchen in one design process.  What do we mean by this?
Chrome light switches and taps can display a elegant kitchen design. Often backsplash tiles can have chrome designs and finishing on them. We advise that you choose your tiles and accessories in one process so your style matches up.